Earth Science Museum

Earth Science Museum
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The University of Waterloo Earth Sciences Museum, founded in 1967, hosts thousands of visitors each year. Over the past 53 years our museum has become a distinct attraction at the University, with attractions including a large number of animals in our Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals exhibit, a mining tunnel, interactive mastodon exhibit and a fountain of the Great Lakes, to name just a few. The most spectacular part — all of the programming offered by the museum is free of charge to our community!

Made possible by generous donors and people like you!

The museum is not only loved by the public, but has also become a significant resource for schools in the community and across southern Ontario. All of our programs and tours are completely customizable, allowing teachers to hand pick components that best meet the needs and learning level of their students.

We have received generous donations over the years, including many of the specimens and collections that you see at the museum today. Your donation to the Earth Sciences Museum will ensure these treasures continue to be preserved, and will allow us to showcase even more of our Earth’s magnificent wonders right here in our own community.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at the museum soon!

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Earth Sciences Museum
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